Our methodology

We're creating a future in which humanity and the planet can thrive.

We are focused on four key outcomes: restorative cultivation, scaling intelligence, reversing global heating and curative therapeutics. Our venture creation methodology results in high-quality, de-risked companies, led by teams with deep technical and commercial experience.

Identify sector level areas

We have developed Outcomes Graph, a collaborative knowledge graph that logs market and scientific research findings and points to the optimum path towards achieving societal outcomes.

Partner with value-add industry leaders

We partner with value-add industry leaders to create ventures within these areas.

Identify specific Opportunity Areas

We narrow down to a specific Opportunity Area, e.g. decarbonising transport, controlled environment agriculture, neurodegeneration.

Find the right founder

We identify the right founder, an entrepreneurially-minded scientist, with broad knowledge of the sector and deep knowledge of the Opportunity Area. They join the DSV team.

Deconstruct the Opportunity Area

We take a first-principles approach to the Opportunity Area, evaluating current state-of-the-art from literature and interviews with execs and academics to identify the optimal technical and commercial route.

Iteratively build out the team

Around this optimal route, we iteratively build out the team, sourcing from industry and academia.


We integrate proven knowledge and IP to test the riskiest aspects at the earliest stage.

Company launch

The founding team spin-out from DSV, the company is incorporated and DSV invests, alongside other industry-leading investors.

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